A place to work during the day and after it.

Some moments over the past few months. Sorry for not posting more often. Things are good!

Thanks to the lovely word of mouth and the profiles and network of original members, new faces and stories have joined the space and on an average day 6-8 people now call HW, work, or the office. A roster of 10 people could be there on any given day, and with interns this can rise to 12. The space can seat 14. So things are good and I’m having thoughts about how to make room for a few more minds.

The meeting room is also becoming a popular space for duos and groups who may not cowork during business hours, but who equally value a space they can be productive in. I’m very keen to balance this need with the needs of coworkers, as I can remember what it was like when having meeting before and after business hours, with the only options being cafes and bars.

All in all, the space is very warm and that’s not just to do with the low arc of the Winter Sun.  ^Josh

  • 4 June 2012