A place to work during the day and after it.


From Left to Right:

Anthony Zaccaria, Native Digital.

Rachel Botsman. Author, Speaker and Consultant of all Collaborative Consumption.

Steve Hopkins, Yammer.

Jo Jones, Bikewise.

Nick Bonich, MC Cyclery and then some.

Lauren Anderson, Innovation Director of Collaborative Consumption and emerging hustler.

Nick Roseby, Director of I Ate Your Cake, Shhh! Bikes, The Camping Website.

Michelle Williams, Director of Ideaction.

Matty Roberts, Director of Projucer, Chasing the Glory, and that guy from the Carlton Draught Ad.

Josh Capelin, Creator of Homework, Director of Projucer, Chasing the Glory, The Camping Website.

  • 9 March 2012
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