A place to work during the day and after it.


Homework is a coworking place for the business nomad or virtual employee.

We’re located on the busy and eclectic Oxford St on the Darlinghurst side. We’re two levels up in a City of Sydney owned heritage building with an epic balcony with an epic view of the trifecta of harbour, bridge, and an Opera House tip.

Currently occupied by 10 different businesses, HW has 2 types of memberships; daily and weekly. The space is open 9-5 to all Monday to Friday, but accessible by weekly members 24/7. 

Day Trippers: First day free / $25 per day thereafter
Weekly: $75 

Work spaces are hot desks which loosely means coworkers come and go each day, sometimes sitting at different desks.

There is a meeting room that can be booked, a balcony with a harbour view, bike parking, a fridge and basic kitchen appliances for the daily grind.